Client Services

Jewelry Collection

Having a hard time deciding what accessories you need for your store? Trying to decide what to buy on a limited budget? Don't have time to go through pages of products?  Nori can help you in several ways!


1) Put together a cohesive and comprehensive jewelry collection for your store!

2) Give you suggestions on what complementary colors and items go together.

4) Suggest ways you can display Jewelry and Accessories in your store. Presentation is key!


Styling Tips

Do you struggle with "What goes with what"? We can help you with your selection of Kimonos, Basics, Jewelry, and Scarves that will complement each other. We can also let you know about the current trends and best sellers in fashion to help you stay ahead of the game.

Get a Better Look at our Products


After you have looked at the website you may still have questions! Send us a message on FB, IS, email or our website and we can send you photo of our products or FaceTime with you if you need a better look before you buy. We are also available to answer any question you may have so let her know how she can help.


Hand-picked Pack


We can hand select a package of apparel, jewelry and/or accessories for your store. Just give us a budget and some general information about your customer and we will do the rest!  You will have a chance to review our selections before you pay the invoice and your order is shipped.  Easy-Peasy!!